BTS Reacting To Their Old VLIVEs Was Side-Splittingly Chaotic And Fun

What a hilarious trip down memory lane.

BTS recently held a celebration on VLIVE entitled “BTS Global VLIVE Top 10 RememVer Party” in celebration of their time creating content on the platform. It was anything but a mundane affair as the boys gave it their all to bring laughs and joy to their viewers.

VLIVE spared no expense in creating the outdoors set which led the boys along a well-crafted memory lane.

Eventually, the boys got to the stage after goofing around in VLIVE’s mirror room and the reactions started. They got up to all kinds of hijinx including this “selfie row” which displayed their visual power once more.

They danced around the stage like drunk seniors during an interesting rendition of “Idol”…

V got down to some live composing on stage while J-Hope hyped him up.

And of course they also reacted to their old VLIVES, the whole purpose of the broadcast!

A very special moment at the end of the broadcast occurred when gifted the “ARMY award” to ARMYs who were watching around the world. BTS love to give back to ARMY at every opportunity. The stream peaked at over 3 million viewers.

What a special time with BTS. No matter the occasion they always make sure ARMY has fun and enjoys themselves and this is one of the many reasons they are so beloved.