How BTS Reacts To Seeing Their Own Advertisements On Screen

V doesn’t want to see any more of it!

During the 33rd Golden Disk Awards, BTS had some interesting reactions to seeing their own advertisements on the screen.

On the 5th of January was the 33rd Golden Disk Awards. Many artists who made 2018 shine attended this award ceremony, including BTS.

During break time, advertisements were aired like any other normal ad-break. Except the advertisements weren’t just visible to the audience watching through the TV screen from home, it was visible to everyone at the award ceremony too.

One of the commercials aired was BTS’s Hyundai car commercial.

It depicts BTS getting out of a Hyundai car and taking over the red carpet like the superstars they are.

But the BTS members who saw this couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

V closed his eyes and repeatedly made an ‘X’ sign with two sticks he was holding in his hands as if telling someone to stop playing the advertisement, and gave the fans a good laugh.

Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga turned away and avoided watching themselves on screen. RM tried to hide his face behind his hands.

But eventually, BTS got used to it.

By the sounds of it, while BTS might have been a little bit embarrassed at first, the fans loved seeing BTS in person and on the advertisement too!

Source: Dispatch