BTS Received The ShibSibs’ Olympic Gifts, Here’s Photographic Evidence

Alex and Maia Shibutani sent BTS personalized hats and the members sent them thank you tweets!

The 2018 ice dancing Olympic bronze medalists Alex and Maia Shibutani, a.k.a. ShibSibs, have previously admitted they were huge fans of BTS and attracted attention for the cute hats they prepared for them.

Source: Yahoo Finance


The siblings posted a tweet asking their fans on suggestions for how to deliver these cute beanies to the 7 members.

Their cute matching hats each had names stitched onto them.


Miraculously, after their message floated around the internet for awhile, the BTS members received their gifts!

“Matching #Thank you so much for the hat!” — V


Maia Shibutani seems quite satisfied with how they look in their hats.


The U.S. Embassy of Seoul even mentioned offering Jin the position of honorary member of the team!


Fans have become even more obsessed with this adorable duo after seeing this their cute way of delivering their custom-made hats to BTS.


See why the ShibSibs are so obsessed with BTS:

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