BTS recieves offers to go on Ellen and other western shows

BTS might become the first K-Pop group to appear on the world-renowned talk show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, hosted by famous American comedian Ellen DeGeneres, has had many famous guests since it began airing in 2003, but BTS would be the first K-Pop group ever!

Andy Lassner, executive producer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, answered emphatically in the affirmative when asked about the possibility of BTS’s appearance on the show.

“It’s gonna happen”

– Andy Lassner

Big Hit Entertainment has confirmed that they received an offer to appear on Ellen’s show, but revealed there are no concrete plans yet.

“We have been receiving offers to appear on several shows worldwide. Ellen Show is one them. But it has not been confirmed whether BTS is appearing on the show or not.”

— Big Hit Entertainment

Fans are eagerly awaiting an episode of one of the world’s biggest talk shows featuring BTS!

Source: Herald Pop