BTS Just Dropped Their New Album (Again), Thanks To #BTSReComeback2020

BTS’s record breaking album deserves more than one comeback day, according to fans.

If ARMY had a slogan, it might be “the fandom that never sleeps”!

The K-Pop world is on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but BTS fans are keeping themselves busy by doing what they do best: promoting BTS’s music.

Map of the Soul: 7 was released on February 21, but one comeback day just isn’t enough for this record-breaking album! Now ARMY is reliving that special day with a “re-comeback”.

This global fan project aims to rekindle the excitement of BTS’s comeback day while making BTS a trending topic again.

For weeks, COVID-19 related hashtags have consistently trended in Twitter’s top ten, but that could change if BTS’s “re-comeback” goes as planned.

In addition to hashtags to trend, this project also includes charting and streaming goals that fans work towards without leaving home.

If you haven’t heard BTS’s “new” music video for “ON” yet, check out here: