BTS Reveal How They Feel About Redefining “Masculinity,” And What The Word Actually Means To Them

The group is known for breaking gender norms!

It is no secret that BTS has always been outspoken and proactive in the idea of breaking down the conventional expectations of masculinity. Leader RM spoke about it in a recent interview with Rolling Stones and, for their “Butter” comeback, Jimin and V were praised for breaking gender norms by wearing skirts.

The BTS members breaking gender norms on the cover of Singles magazine

During a recent interview with Jaeki Cho for Amazon Music, the group was asked what their definition of masculinity was since they have been known to take that idea and redefine it in their way.

RM began by explaining how grateful he felt that the group could positively impact the topic with their fans. In particular, RM believes that we are now in a time where there can no longer be one definition for what the word masculinity means.

We’re living in an age and a time where the label we call ‘masculine or ‘manly’ is kind of disappearing. We’re always happy that we can help.

— RM

Suga also agreed, explaining that it is a word and idea that constantly changes and adapts with the times.

I believe notions and definitions are always changing, especially along with the cultural phases of the time.

— Suga

Looking deeper into this idea, Suga also touched upon his own life and how things changed while growing up. For him, these changes will continue to happen over time and are worth embracing.

When I was growing up, all the hip-hop artists wore really baggy pants and clothing. But right now, it’s skinny fit everything. If a hip-hop artist dressed like that back then, some would’ve said, ‘You’re not a real hip-hop musician.’

— Suga

As the group continues to grow and challenge these norms, many hope that it will also spread to the wider world, where many people still have these strict gender expectations! You can watch the whole interview below.

Source: Amazon Music