BTS Make Unexpected Cameos In Awkwafina And Sandra Oh’s New Film

The writer or director must be ARMY!

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The 2023 American comedy film, Quiz Lady, directed by Jessica Yu and written by Jen D’Angelo, was recently released. The film stars Awkwafina and Sandra Oh as estranged sisters, Anne and Jenny, respectively.

Anne and her estranged train-wreck of a sister, Jenny, must work together to help cover their mother’s gambling debts. When Anne’s beloved dog is kidnapped, they set out on a wild cross-country trek to get the cash.

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Sandra Oh (left) and Awkwafina (right)

Yet, BTS make some unexpected cameos throughout the film.


Firstly, J-Hope‘s “MORE” from his 2022 album Jack In The Box can be heard in the scene below, featuring Korean American rapper Dumbfoundead.

In another scene, one of the dognappers sent a text with a photo holding their pug, and the hand had Jungkook‘s iconic “ARMY” tattoo on the knuckles.


Which producer for the Quiz Lady movie is ARMY?? #btsarmy #jungkook #quizlady #jungkooktattoo #awkwafina #sandraoh

♬ Yes or No – Jung Kook

Likewise, V‘s pet Pomeranian Yeontan made a cameo in a scene of the dognappers. His photo is in the background!

Multiple characters are named after BTS members, too. A Jin and a Joon (short for Namjoon, RM‘s real name) were mentioned.

Jenny also wears a bomber jacket that looks just like the one worn by Jimin in the “FIRE” MV. This outfit is the same one Sandra Oh is pictured in most of the promotional images for the film, too!

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You’re probably thinking Suga was forgotten. Not quite… Harry Styles‘ “Watermelon Sugar” played, which could be a subtle nod to Suga.

It seems every member was referenced in some way, meaning the writer or director is hardcore OT7 ARMY!

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