BTS To Release 30 Second Preview Of New Title Track “ON” Through TikTok

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BTS will be dropping a 30 second preview of their new title track “ON” through TikTok on February 21 at 6 AM KST. This is the first time BTS has ever dropped a preview of their title track through a video platform.

The official release of the new album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 will be 12 hours later at 6 PM KST. This 30 second preview can only be heard through the TikTok platform. They chose to provide the preview through TikTok because of the apps global community of users. This global platform will help elicit reactions from all over the world.

Many TikTok users are also editors as well so it can help in spreading the song and creating a cultural phenomenon. Many Korean artists used TikTok to pre-release music last year and received positive marketing results.

TikTok stated, “Tik-Tok’s two-way promotion method allows users and contents to both receive positive feedback and reactions unlike the existing one-way method. This type of technique is something that has not been seen in mainstream music before but has been a proven method that has been used by TikTok many times.”

TikTok has seen the effects of overseas marketing through the platform and believe that it has the characteristics and ability to create a more global community and become the number 1 global platform.

While some are excited to get a taste of the new song, others are not so happy with this preview.

“TikTok preview doesn’t seem like a good idea. How about posting a teaser instead of this preview…or how about just don’t do either?”

“This is horrible. Can someone just post it on Twitter? I don’t even want to download the app. Big Hit please just post a teaser instead.”

“TikTok preview? I’m this really necessary?”

What do you think about this preview?

BTS’s new album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 will release on February 21 at 6 PM KST worldwide.

Source: heraldpop