BTS Releases New ‘Rocking Vibe’ Remix Of “FAKE LOVE”

Listen to it here!

BTS just dropped their brand new “FAKE LOVE” remix they call the “Rocking Vibe Mix”. The special remix is a gift to their fans for all the love that they received over the years, especially for their record breaking album “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear”.

The “Rocking Vibe Mix” is an alternative rock version of their latest title track. It features an energetic harmony between powerful electronic guitars and drums. Slow Rabbit, one of BigHit‘s famous producers, is said to have taken part in creating the special remix.

The new release follows the “FAKE LOVE” extended music video, another special gift that BTS dropped for their fans a few days ago.

The ‘Rocking Vibe Mix’ comes at the perfect time as BTS ranked high on Billboard 200 once again, with “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear” listed at no. 6 at its second week!

Listen to the special track for yourself on MelOn or Spotify!

Source: MyDaily