BTS Is Releasing Love Yourself In Seoul On DVD And It’s Packed With New Content

If you missed the movie in theatres, BTS has you covered.

The cinematic release of Love Yourself In Seoul was a huge success and it was well attended around the world. The movie showcases BTS performing at the Seoul Olympic Stadium during their Love Yourself world tour.

The movie only had a limited release worldwide, only having one screening in a lot of theatres. But ARMY doesn’t have to be upset if they missed it because BTS is going to be releasing the entire concert on DVD. They revealed this to ARMY through a trailer.

Not only will the DVD give ARMY the full experience the theatre-goers received but it also contains behind-the-scenes footage so they can see BTS goofing off.

As well what looks like some alternate shots to add flavour to the experience.

It looks like there will also be a segment where BTS reacts to their old concerts which is bound to have some hilarious moments. The trailer teases a preview of them reacting to their “The Red Bullet” concerts.

The DVD is available for preorders soon and it releases on the 27th of March.

You can watch the full trailer below:


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