BTS Surprises Fans With A Holiday Q&A To End The Year

BTS answers questions about the past year.

BTS, who recently filmed a Christmas themed photo shoot with Dispatch, dressed in festive outfits and held a mini Q&A session for their fans.




Here is the Q&A:


What will you be doing on January 1, 2020?

J-Hope: This is a given. We will be in New York! So we will probably be feeling New York’s winter during that time. I have high hopes for this because I’ve always had a fantasy to be in New York during the winter time so I can’t wait to go! But, there is one thing that I don’t like about the New Year. The fact that I become one year older….





Jungkook cuts off J-Hope’s comment revealing how tough his question was.

Please make an acrostic poem with the word 2020.

Jungkook tries to do one, but fails, and tells V to go ahead with his question first.





What is something that you want to do before 2019 ends?

V: This is more of a wish, but I wish that it would snow on Christmas. I want to buy decorations and eat good food and wine with our members. If we get bored we could have snowball fights like Jungkook and I did back when we were trainees.





They went directly back to Jungkook’s acrostic poem challenge.

2: Like this (ee-ruh-kae)

0: I studied (gongboo hago)

2: Like this (ee-ruh-kae)

0: I studied but failed (gongboo hae do ahn dwae duh rah)

(The sounds for 2 and 0 in Korean are 2: ee and 0: gong as heard in the video).





What is the best food you ate in 2019?

Suga: The best food I ate this year would have to be the halibut I ate with Jin when we went fishing.





“What was the worst moment of 2019?”

Jin: Hmm…

(There is no such thing as a worst moment for Kim Seokjin.)





Jin ends up choosing another question.

What was the happiest moment of 2019?

Jin: I can choose two of my happiest moments of 2019. One would be going on our world tour and meeting so many of our fans. The second would be filming for Bon Voyage. I had such a great time camping and relaxing with our members.





What was the best movie you saw in 2019?

Jimin: I enjoyed watching Extreme Job because it was so funny. I saw it in theaters with my friend and had such a fun time watching it.





What is something you were the most thankful for from the members in 2019?

RM: There are so many things that I am thankful for. With Jimin, I’m thankful that he worked hard and kept his promise. (They state that if you are an ARMY you know what they are talking about.)




Happy holidays to all the fans and BTS!





Watch the full interview video below!!