BTS Is Reported To Have Earned Over 75 Million Dollars In 2022 From Concerts Alone

BTS’s 11 performances were watched by 458,000 people…

BTS is reported to have earned over ₩94.6 billion KRW (about $75.4 million USD) from their Permission To Dance On Stage concert series.


According to a Billboard article released on June 8, BTS’s 11 performances were watched by 458,000 people. This ranked the group fourth behind Bad Bunny (37 performances), Elton John (40 performances), and  Genesis (35 performances) on Billboard’s “Mid-Year Box Score.”

Bad Bunny | Billboard

This is impressive, considering BTS only needed 11 performances, less than a third of other artists on the list, to achieve the feat.


Another notable caveat was that this was the first time both BTS and Bad Bunny, two non-English speaking artists, were placed in the top five of the “Top Tour” chart.

| Joong Ang Ilbo

BTS’s Permission To Dance On Stage concert series saw the group perform in Los Angeles (3 times), Las Vegas (4 Times), and Seoul (3 Times).

Source: Billboard and Hankyung