BTS Reveal Which Artists They Most Want To Remix Fake Love

Any of these artists would be incredible.

In an iheart radio ask anything chat, BTS revealed who they would most want to remix their song “Fake Love” with.

#1 – Marshmello

Upon being asked the question, leader RM immediately responded with American EDM artist Marshmello and the rest of BTS agreed.

A Marshmello remix would certainly be interesting as it would add a different dimension to the song.

#2 – Post Malone

Suga followed up by saying rapper Post Malone which was greeted by enthusiastic sounds from his fellow members.

Post Malone would be right at home with the heavy rap focus in Fake Love.

#3 – Drake

RM also suggested the incredibly popular rapper Drake half-jokingly.

If Drake were to collaborate with BTS it would most likely be the most popular song of all time.

#4 – Kelly Clarkson

explained that he would love to have Kelly Clarkson remix of Fake Love.

It would certainly be a different take on the song as Kelly is primarily a country singer but clearly, V is a big fan and wants to see it happen!

Any of these artists would give Fake Love a different vibe. Here’s hoping that BigHit can make one of these happen!

You can watch the full video below: