BTS Reveal Their Future Goals, Now That They’ve Conquered Billboard

Billboards done, Grammys next.

KBS2‘s Entertainment Weekly was able to get an interview with BTS, where they talked about their accomplishments on the Billboard chart and their future goals.

BTS’s interview with Entertainment Weekly was recorded just hours before broadcast, proving just how tight the group’s schedules are.


Music expert Im Jin Mo was asked his thoughts on BTS’s accomplishments, and had nothing but praise for them.

“Billboard has such a big meaning attached to it, being able to attend such a big event that isn’t just known in the United States, but through the whole world. BTS getting #1 is the start of a new era for Korean music.” — Im Jin Mo


After receiving congratulations for their 2nd straight Top Social Artist award at the BBMAs and their placements on the Billboard charts, Suga explained what the group hopes to achieve in the future.

“Well first, we want to attend the Grammy Awards. We also got up to #10 on the Hot 100 chart, so now we want to aim for #1. Finally, we want to become the most influential artist worldwide. But these are all dreams. I think you have to think big with dreams.” — Suga


RM made fun of Suga, saying his goals are too much.

“I’m laughing at him because those goals are something that are so incredible and difficult to obtain!” — RM


Watch the full clip below: