BTS Reveal The Hilarious Reasons As To Why They Probably Wouldn’t Want A New Member

Jungkook: All the rooms are taken 👁👄👁

In BTS‘s recent “Autocomplete Interview” with WIRED, the group was tasked with answering some of the internet’s most burning questions about themselves, one of which being whether or not they’re in the market for an eighth member!

After Jungkook read the statement aloud, Suga immediately began to think about the struggles a potential candidate could face. After all, the life of BTS may be rewarding, but it’s also extremely challenging, so they might have difficulty getting used to the busy schedule!

BTS Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED/YouTube

Meanwhile, V just straight up rejected the idea entirely, insisting that the current members would probably hate it!

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After that, the rest of the guys continued to add on to the reasons as to why it wouldn’t be such a great idea.

Jimin smiled adorably while claiming that they already have too much stuff, so there’d barely be any space!

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Jungkook agreed, adding that all of the rooms are taken, so the new person wouldn’t even have anywhere to sleep!

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From that, it would be pretty easy to conclude that the chances of BTS adding an eighth member to the lineup are practically slim to none.

However, we can’t count the possibility out just yet, as RM mentioned that they do need a beatboxer!

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Brb, just gotta work on our beatboxing skills for a little bit!

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