BTS Reveal The Songs They Have In Their Workout Soundtrack

There is a track for every workout!

Ahead of their first-ever Grammy Award’s, BTS has been speaking in-depth about their feelings ahead of the big day, and Jin even gave fans a spoiler on what they can expect from the performance!

In an interview with, the boys were asked what songs they currently had on their workout playlist!

As soon as the question left the interviewer’s lips, J-Hope knew the answer straight away, shouting, “Bruno Mars!” It seemed to be a popular choice as a J-Hope, Jin, and Jungkook all started dancing when his name was mentioned!

RM also agreed that Bruno Mars was one of the tracks they loved to listen to when working out alongside Silk Sonic’s new song “Leave the Door Open.”

He then added that he did think that Ariana Grande’s new album was the perfect soundtrack for the treadmill, saying, “The tempo, her voice, is just amazing!”

These might be their choices, but many fans probably have BTS songs on their workout playlist!