BTS reveal who they were thinking of when they wrote the song “Spring Day”

During their short interview at Inkigayo, BTS were asked who they missed so much when writing ‘Spring Day’, and this is what they had to say.

When asked about who they missed so much when writing the well-known lyrics ‘I miss you.’ they were excited to answer, and V took the lead with no hesitation saying, “We wrote it thinking of ARMY during cold winter days.”

Jimin spoke up too, adding, “If we’re with our ARMY, it’s always a spring day.” then he blew a kiss and some cherry blossom petals from the palm of his hands, eliciting a satisfied cheer from the crowd.

Earlier this year during Rap Monster‘s V-Live, he mentioned that he came up with the chorus whilst he was out one day listening to the beat track he’d received from Pdogg, and thinking of his old friends. He had mentioned that something in the wind and seeing the leaves fall helped him come up with the lyrics, “The leaves are falling, getting farther and farther away.” and naturally “I miss you.” came out, so he kept it. However, after revision he changed ‘Leaves’ to ‘Snowflakes’ and he was sure that it was the perfect sound for this new song.