BTS Revealed Just How Strong An Idol’s Mindset Has To Be To Survive In The Industry

The amount of stress that idols go through on a daily basis is unheard of.

While most people think that being a K-Pop idol is all glitz and glam, they don’t see the amount of stress that idols go through on a daily basis. A sneak peek into the lives of BTS, however, has revealed just how strong your mindset has to be to survive.


On a recent episode of YouTube Red‘s Burn The Stage, V explained what goes through his mind whenever he makes even a little mistake in public.

“I can visualize it,  ‘Ah I will get cursed for this.'” — V


For this reason, V (or any idol for that matter), has to be very careful when he is seen in public, even with every little face expression.

“I either have a blank expression, or a smile. I can’t  do anything else besides that.” — V


The stress can be overwhelming at times. So much so, that V just wants to stay indoors on certain days.

“I just keep feeling depressed. Somehow, I just wanted to stay in the hotel.” — V


But staying indoors doesn’t always provide a stress-free environment. On days BTS releases new material, RM explained that they just have to avoid the internet altogether.

“On days we release new music, I’m afraid to go online. I’m worried that people will be cursing at us.” — RM


On top of being cursed at, idols of BTS’s caliber also have to face false rumors and death threats.


BTS proves, you really do need thick skin to be able to survive as an idol, and it’s certainly an incredible feat for making it as far as they have.

Source: Pann