BTS Just Broke The Internet With A Preview Of Their New Song ‘ON’ On TikTok

The 30-second preview of “ON” just dropped and it already sounds incredible!

Can’t wait any longer to hear BTS’s new title track “ON” from Map of the Soul: 7? You don’t have to! The group just dropped a 30 second preview of the song on TikTok and it already sounds incredible!

Launching a new TikTok challenge that’s sure to go viral, BTS just dropped the link to a 30-second preview of “ON” for fans to use in their videos.

@btsitaliabts_official_bighit♬ ON (30 sec) – BTS

And, of course, ARMYs couldn’t wait to hear it. In fact, fans swarmed TikTok so quickly that they actually ‘broke’ the app! Hundreds of ARMYs reported that the TikTok app crashed when they tried to listen to the preview, likely due to a server overload.

When ARMYs finally did get through to the preview, they were able to hear a few lines of what most are presuming to be the chorus, including rousing chants of “Hey na na na!”.

In less than an hour, fans have already created thousands of TikTok videos to celebrate the song’s upcoming release and build the hype.

@vinnerchild#fyp #foryou #justforyou #chooseone #oops #allthedifference #djesco #tomboy #ONChallenge #ontario♬ ON (30 sec) – BTS

If you’re already hooked and desperate to hear more, don’t worry. The album and Kinetic Manifesto Film for “ON” are set to drop in just a few hours at 6PM KST on February 21.