BTS Reveals What ARMYs Truly Mean To Them On “Let’s BTS”

There’s no BTS without ARMY!

BTS, who recently made an appearance on the KBS talk show Let’s BTS, answered questions about music, future goals and the members.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

During the Keyboard History portion of the show, ARMY was one of the keywords that could not be left out when describing BTS.

Although they knew it would be a difficult one, the question they received was, “What does ARMY mean to you?”

After seeing how hard it was for the members to express their love for ARMY with just a few words, host Shin Dong Yeop commented, “I can tell you love ARMY so sincerely.”

Starting with V, he expressed ARMY as his dearest friend.

For me, I always think that they are my best friend. Of course for friends I only have Jimin, but when we look at the meaning, ARMYs are the ones that love even my flaws and cherish me, and that is why they are my dearest friends.

— V

Jin continued by stating that ARMYs were their shining light.

When it’s dark you can’t see anything, but we were able to take baby steps and go forward because ARMYs are the ones that lit up our path. That is why I think ARMY is our light.

— Jin

J-Hope felt that ARMYs were his driving force to continue on in this journey together.

For me, they are like my Achilles heel. It is the only strength that keeps me walking. But really this is the most important strength and another driving force for us.

— J-Hope

RM agreed with J-Hope’s answer and admitted that they were weak for ARMYs.

I agree with J-Hope because ARMYs really are our greatest weakness.

— RM

Just as how our Achilles heel is important for us to walk, ARMYs are important to BTS in allowing them to continue doing what they love. V also added, “There would be no BTS if there was no ARMY.”