BTS Reveals What ARMY Means To Them, What They’ve Been Up To Lately, And How They Will Remember 2020

They will put in their best efforts for the rest of the year.

On September 2, Big Hit Entertainment held an online global media day conference for BTS’s new digital single “Dynamite.”

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The members answered questions sent in by reporters around the world and revealed how they felt after finding out about their No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Let’s take a look at some of the questions they answered for the press conference!

When we think of BTS we can’t forget about the ARMY fandom. We could see just how much you love your fans from “Boy With Luv.” What does ARMY mean to you?

First off, we were able to reach No.1 on the Hot 100 chart because of ARMY. To us, ARMY are the people we want to share good things with first. Honestly, they are also the people that we want to hide the sad things from too. We only want to show the good side to our fans. We initially released ‘Dynamite’ to have fun with our fans, and while doing so; we were able to reach an amazing achievement. We as BTS exist because of ARMY so we will continue to work hard and show only our best efforts. In order for ARMY to continue to be happy, we will work harder. I love you ARMY.

— Jin

During the post-COVID-19 era, more people are spending time at home and things and lifestyles have changed. We are no longer able to enjoy the small things that give us happiness in life. Where do you get your consolation and healing from during these times?

I have developed a lot of new hobbies. I’ve started to draw a bit on a large canvas. I’ve tried to play the guitar. It’s not just me; I think all the other members, with things being so tough, have thoughts about what they can do during this time. We’ve started to work on our new album that will come out later this year. Some of us have started to work out a little more. We’ve come to do things that we couldn’t really do before and that has provided us a measure of consolation and healing.

— Suga

The 2020 world tour was canceled, but you reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. How would 2020 be remembered by BTS?

Yes that’s right. The start of 2020 was pretty good I think. We had our comeback and we were preparing for our tour. Just like anyone else, we had plans. Before spring came, we had the COVID-19 outbreak. We weren’t sure what we should do and we became angry. I don’t think it’s a matter of how 2020 will be remembered but how we want it to be remembered. For me, I would like for this COVID-19 situation to settle down. There are a lot of different forecasts so we don’t know what will happen in the future.

— RM

He hoped that 2020 would not be the year that marked the start of a new era of living in a world where people can’t meet each other in person. He’d rather like to remember 2020 as being a year everyone worked hard and tried their best.

I hope that we can just look back and say ‘Ah yeah that’s what happened then’. We couldn’t go on tour and meet our fans but we achieved No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100. I’d like to remember 2020 as a time we all worked hard and tried our best instead of thinking that it is the start of a new era with no face-to-face interaction. We would not like this to be the start for that sort of change.


To watch the full online global conference, watch the video below!


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