BTS Reveals Track Details Including Collab With Ed Sheeran And Record-Breaking Pre-Order Number

A feature with Ed Sheeran and 3 million pre orders.

BTS will be releasing their latest album MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA in just hours, and prior to the release, they have revealed the details to each of the songs.

The album’s title track “Boy With Luv”, which features Halsey, is a funk pop genre song that is about the happiness in a simple, ordinary love. “Intro: Persona” is RM’s solo song and it is about the answer the the question “who am I”. “Mikrokosmos” is a song examining a person’s small but vast universe. “HOME” sends a message to their fans, saying that when they are tired and lonely, the “home” they want to return to is wherever their fans are at.

“Make It Right” is a collab with Ed Sheeran, and is a song with deep emotions about the healing process and love for someone who has believed in you since your more difficult times.

“Jamais Vu” is a unit track with J-Hope, Jin, and Jungkook while “Dionysus” is an impressive hip-hop track with a strong beat that lasts throughout the whole song. “Dionysus” will also feature Jin’s ad-libs.

It was also revealed that BTS has completely smashed their previous record for most pre-orders of an album. As of April 11, one day before their comeback, over 3 million albums have been pre-ordered. To be exact, 3,021,822 albums were pre-ordered, setting a new record only BTS themselves can hope to break in the future.

Source: Star News