BTS Reveals When They Feel Most Proud Of Their A.R.M.Y

“I feel proud when I see them…” — Jin

BTS revealed in a recent interview that they’re always proud of their fans but these specific cases were so inspiring to them.

Jin loves it when the fans dedicate the time to truly learn about the Korean culture.

“We meet many fans abroad who tell us, ‘I learned Korean so that I could talk with you if I got the chance to meet you.’

I feel proud when I see them studying Korean and learning more about the Korean culture.

It makes me think, ‘They want to know Korea.'”

— Jin

Jungkook revealed that he feels most connected with his fans when they’re able to help each other out through social media.

“We have a lot to be happy about, as well as things that are difficult for us.

I uploaded a cover of Lee Hi‘s ‘Breathe’ on SNS for myself and for the fans.

I sang it for myself, as well as a message to our fans, and one fan responded, ‘I was going to end it all today but I’ve decided to try again.’

I was so grateful that social media was so interactive, and I was thankful that my small deed was able to help someone regain strength.”

— Jungkook

Jimin feels most proud of their fans when they’re able to accomplish a life goal.

“My cousin is a BTS fan.

So her mom told her that she’ll buy her one of our albums and connect me on the phone with her if she studied well.

She’s been 1st in her school ever since!”

— Jimin

Jungkook finished the interview with a laugh by envying their fans’ determination and hard work.

“When I hear something like that, it makes me wish I was a BTS fan.”

— Jungkook

BTS interacting with their fans.
Source: Yonhap News