BTS Reveals Jungkook’s 6 Weaknesses That Only They Know About

Each BTS member gave a different answer.

Nobody knows Jungkook‘s true personality quite like his members do.

In the latest issue of the BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine, BTS answered questions about themselves and their members. When asked if Jungkook has any weaknesses that only BTS knows about, each member gave a different answer based on their experience with him.

Jimin said that Jungkook is very sensitive, emotionally. If he watches a sad movie, his feelings overwhelm him, and he starts to cry right away.

According to V, Jungkook’s weakness is his tendency to sulk. He playfully explained that Jungkook will get sulky if he feels like someone isn’t paying attention to him.

RM described Jungkook as being a pure and simple person, saying that it’s easy to make him feel good.

Suga touched on Jungkook’s competitive side. He said that Jungkook is easily baited by a challenge because he hates to lose. If someone says Jungkook can’t do something, he suddenly becomes eager to prove himself!

Food is Jungkook’s weakness, according to Jin, who paid for many of his meals back in their trainee days. Since Jungkook can’t resist eating, Jin said that he likes to stuff Jungkook’s mouth with food to mess up his dieting plans.

What does J-Hope think? Sleep. Sleep is the Golden Maknae’s ultimate weakness. Once Jungkook falls asleep, it’s very hard to wake him up!