BTS Reveals How They Felt About Appearing On KBS News 9

They’re taking fans behind the scenes.

Last year, BTS visited KBS‘s broadcasting station to appear on the news program, News 9. In an exclusive interview, the group talked about their Billboard “Hot 100” chart achievements and more.

Front row: RM, Jimin, Suga, and Jin. Back row: J-Hope, V, and Jungkook.

A new BANGTANTV video is taking fans behind the scenes of this memorable appearance. While getting ready, the members shared how they felt about guesting on News 9.

“It will make me more nervous if I say that I’m nervous,” J-Hope said. “so I’ll say that I’m not. It’s been a long time. I’m not familiar with being on the news. My father called and asked me if I’m going on the news, so I told him, ‘Yes, I am.'”


Jimin saw the interview as an opportunity to connect with ARMY from afar.


I believe our fans will like it, so I’ll answer the interview questions the best I can. Since they can’t come see us in person to congratulate us and celebrate, so I’ll answer the questions the best I can, thinking that our fans will like it.


RM felt the pressure that came with appearing on a major news program, but it was “a good kind of pressure.” 


How should I put it? I feel a lot of pressure, but it’s a good kind of pressure. I’m glad to be on the show, but I’m still not used to going on the news. I just need to do well. It’s no big deal! Yeah, it’s no biggie!

— RM

“Well, there’s no need to get nervous just because it’s the news,” Jungkook said. “I’ll do it like the usual interviews.” 


Suga seemed to be more excited than nervous about the interview. “I feel great coming here for a good occasion,” he said. “We’ll be on the 9 PM news for 15 minutes. We would have to watch the 9 PM news live while we work.”


V‘s mind was on his parents, who would be watching their famous son on the show.


Thinking my mom and dad will be watching me…it reminds me of a children’s song, ‘If I were on TV, I’d be so happy.’ I’m so thankful that they invited us. I’ll try my best!

— V

As for Jin, he expressed gratitude to News 9 on behalf of himself and BTS.


I’m honored to be on the news. I also heard that they took out 15 minutes for us especially. We really appreciate it. It would be great if more people listened to our story.

— Jin

Watch the full episode here: