BTS Reveals Which Members Fight Most And What Arguments Cause Them

Another pair of members is fighting more than Jimin and V used to.

In an in-depth interview with Esquire‘s Dave Holmes, BTS opened up on different areas of their lives as individuals and as artists. One of the topics they didn’t avoid being honest about was fighting amongst the members.

Since they’ve been a close family for seven years, they poking fun at the situation by revealing which members fight most and how their arguments start.

Not beating around the bush, Suga was the one “sharing that Jimin and V fight the most among the group.” V disagreed with him, though.

V revealed that he and best friend Jimin hadn’t had any arguments in years, “We haven’t fought in three years!” Instead, there was a new pair of members that were not taking the crown for most fights.

Those members are the oldest Jin and the maknae Jungkook. Jimin explained that their fights would start from something silly and escalate into a major issue: “It all starts as a joke, but then it gets serious.

Jin was more than ready to do a demonstration of how one of their fights typically starts.

Getting into character, Jin came up with a question he would ask Jungkook, “Why did you hit me so hard?” He then imitated what Jungkook would say, “I didn’t hit you that hard.

After that funny exchange, Jungkook and Jin pretended to fight. “And then they start hitting each other. But not that hard.”

Everyone fights with someone they’re close to—even BTS. At least a little bit of harmless play fighting can blow off some steam.

Source: Esquire