BTS Reveals A Surprise Single To Drop August 2020… Here’s Everything We Know About It So Far

(Screams) WE’RE SO READY!!!

During a surprise live audio-only broadcast hosted by members Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook, BTS revealed…

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… that they will be dropping a summer single soon!

The single is going to be released August 21, 2020. In the surprise segment, RM revealed that BTS “wanted to show some support for ARMYs, who are struggling to get through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic” so they planned “a single release in August.

RM | @bts_twt/Twitter

J-Hope pointed out that the upcoming track will be “a fun one“, like their previous “Mic Drop” and “Waste It On Me”. He also tipped that the new track will be in English.

J-Hope | @bts_twt/Twitter

We tried recording a guide and decided that the English lyrics give a better vibe. It’s new and refreshing. So we said we’ll stick to making this an English track.

— V

Jimin explained, “It’s true that we too felt helpless as a lot of our plans came apart because of the global situation.” To break through the gloom, BTS decided to try something new.

Yeah, things are rough around the country right now. We believe that this song will bring some energy to the listeners though. To be honest, we also felt kind of helpless and void after a lot of our plans unexpected fell apart. And we thought everyone else must feel the same. So we wanted to find a way to break through this all. We said, ‘How about we try something completely new?’ That’s how this single came about.

— Jimin

While BTS could not confirm whether this single is going to be included in the upcoming album or not, they promised that both the track and the album are going to be amazing. So ARMYs know this much for sure: It’s going to be that very energy boost they all needed.

It’s going to be a fun and energetic one. We hope it helps ARMYs feel charged and refreshed! We hope ARMYs like it.

— Jungkook

Listen to the segment here:

Meanwhile, BTS’s new album is still in the making. Jin spoiled ARMYs with an estimated October release. With the single dropping first, and the album to follow, ARMYs are in for a treat this fall/winter 2020!

Jin Reveals The Release Date For BTS’s New Album

Source: THEQOO