BTS’s RM Has An Adorably Nerdy New Post-Concert Routine

How does RM have the energy for this after performing for 3 hours? 🤯

BTS‘s RM has an adorable new post-concert routine!

BTS’s RM | @tanniefairie/Twitter

BTS finally reunited with Korean ARMYs at PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE—SEOUL on March 10.

| @modooborahae/Twitter

As always, BTS and their fans had a great time together, even though ARMYs couldn’t cheer, scream, or sing along.

| @sonsungdeuk/Instagram

After the concert, the members posed for a few photos together backstage before leaving the venue.

| @sonsungdeuk/Instagram

After the show, RM hopped on his bike to seek out his new obsession: Pokémon Bread!

Pokémon Bread | Yonhap

Pokémon Bread was first released in the 1990s, and SPC Samlip Corporation recently re-released it. The bread is already a huge hit, thanks to the character-engraved stickers that come in each package. On March 8, RM posted on his story to say that he had visited 8 convenience stores in the hopes of finding Pokémon Bread because it’s sold out at nearly every store.

| @rkive/Instagram

After the March 10 concert, RM went looking for Pokémon Bread once again.

It was so fun.
Today’s raid was a fail..
See you in two days!

— RM

ARMYs found RM’s post-concert Pokémon Bread hunt extremely adorable, and they were impressed that he had the energy to ride around the city looking for the bread after performing a 3-hour long concert!


We hope RM finds more Pokémon Bread soon because he has more than earned it!


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