BTS’s RM Reveals His Advice On How To Deal With The Hot Weather, And It’s Relatable AF

It is the perfect advice for Summer!

BTS recently posted some behind-the-scenes footage from their music video for their latest track, “Permission to Dance.” Not only does the song have high-energy choreography, but it was also filmed outside in the scorching heat.

During the video, leader RM definitely seemed to have been affected by the heat. While taking a short break, he was seen in the laundromat trying to cool himself with a fan. As summer arrives, a lot of ARMYs will definitely relate to this feeling.

He was then asked if there was any advice or tips he had for fighting the heat. Without even a second thought, RM exclaimed, “There’s none. You can’t fight the heat.


However, he didn’t leave ARMY empty-handed. RM explained that there were only a few ways to really tackle the heat and stay cool, and honestly, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Only air-conditioners can do that. Not going outside and turning the AC on!

— RM

Unfortunately, it might not be as full-proof as many might think. RM then added that even though it might be the only option to cool down, it doesn’t always work for him.

It’s impossible to fight the heat! I’m all sweaty in the morning, even if I sleep with the AC on.

— RM

Even if it might not always be the best way to stay cool, the idea of staying in with the AC on seems like an attractive idea. When the sun comes out, there is nothing better than relaxing and watching some BTS! You can watch the whole video below.