RM’s Airport Tank Top Is Causing Heart Attacks, Because Damn

Fans can’t stop talking about RM’s latest airport fashion.

If your doctor says, RM in a tank top can’t hurt you”, find a new doctor. Yours is a fraud.


On July 17, BTS returned home from Japan after performing four Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concerts in Osaka and Shizuoka. BTS also held a handshake event for their extremely lucky J-ARMYs.


As usual, Gimpo Airport was not prepared for BTS’s dashing good looks, and neither were fans. Each member brought his own charms to this airport-turned-runway, including RM.


RM has rocked plenty of memorable outfits at the airport but, thanks to the summer heat, fans got a special treat this time: this tank top!


RM doesn’t go sleeveless nearly as often as fans think he should. If ARMYs were stylists, this might be his daily look.


When fans noticed the slit sides of RM’s airport tank top…


…they had to mention it.


After all, RM’s handsome visuals, killer figure, and breezy fashion deserve all the love!