BTS RM’s Approach To Writing Lyrics Has Changed In A Major Way—Here’s How

He’s a songwriting genius!

BTS‘s RM is an incredible songwriter. Although he’s always been a great writer, he’s majorly leveled up his songwriting recently!

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RM is credited as a writer on 187 published songs. While this is an impressive number, it probably doesn’t even come close to the songs he’s written that haven’t been released! Clearly, he’s a very prolific writer, and fans’ reactions to the songs he writes prove that his songs resonate with millions of people around the world.

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In an interview with Vogue Korea, RM revealed that his approach to songwriting has changed recently. During the interview, RM said he used to be “bound by rules a great deal” in the past when it came to songwriting and he was “preoccupied with showing off certain techniques, etc.” 

| Vogue Korea

While he used to focus on following the “rules” of songwriting, RM now focuses on what he wants to convey in his songs; instead of writing lyrics that focus on realism, he includes abstract imagery to deliver his message. He also incorporates elements that most songwriters do not.

These days, however, I focus instead on creating a certain texture that I want to convey in a more abstract way. I’ve developed the ability to think in multisensory dimensions, incorporating visual as well as tactile elements. I take a holistic approach with the lyrics, melodies, beats and voices — all the elements of music.


| Vogue Korea

RM’s new approach and his incorporation of visual and tactile elements has transformed his songs into soundscapes that fans can not only listen to but feel. His song “Bicycle” is a great example of how his new approach to songwriting has transformed his songs. The song’s lyrics, his delivery of the words, the beat, and the song’s overall vibe show that RM is truly a master of his craft.

We can’t wait to hear more of RM’s genius creations!

Source: Vogue Korea