BTS’s RM Asks V About His First Love—Here’s His Reaction

“Tell us about your first love”.

In the most recent episode of Run BTS!RM asked V about a topic many ARMYs have wondered about—his first love! The episode revolved around the concepts that the members want to try on the show.

For 15-20 minutes, write down ideas on the notepad in front of you. You will then do a presentation about the ideas you picked. Two ideas will be chosen among them.

— Run BTS!

Ever the curious member, Jimin asked V about what he wrote on his note pad. Unfortunately for him, V was extra secretive about his ideas, saying he wanted to reveal them during his presentation: “I will tell them in my presentation“.

When it was finally V’s turn to present his ideas on stage, his members excitedly cheered him on. He introduced himself as “Kim Taehyung” and was just about to start his presentation when RM interrupted him.

Like a boisterous student curious about his teacher’s personal life, RM jokingly asked V to talk about his first love: “Tell us about your first love“.

V took a deep breath and tightened his lips when he heard RM’s joke.

With great patience, he hilariously ignored what RM said and continued on with his presentation like nothing happened.

ARMYs who are curious about V’s first love—if he has one—may just have to wait for another occasion!

Source: V LIVE