BTS’s RM Serves As Audio Guide For “The Space Between: Modern Korean Art” Exhibition In Los Angeles

RM himself chose the artworks he would be describing in the audio recording.

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea will hold an exhibition, The Space Between: Modern Korean Art, at the Los Angeles County Museum on the 11th, with more than 130 masterpieces of Korean modern and contemporary art on display. BTS‘s RM served as an audio guide for a better appreciation of the Korean art on exhibit.

RM is well known as an art lover and has done the rounds of museums during his travels to the US and Europe.


For this project, RM himself selected a total of ten artworks and recorded the descriptions for each artwork in Korean and English. His informative commentary on these artworks will help visitors to fully appreciate Korean art more with his voice, which will be heard not only in the exhibition hall but also through the website of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

The exhibition includes self-portraits of King Gojong, Na Hye-seok, and Lee Kwe Dae. A total of 88 artists, including 21 pieces from the Lee Kun Hee Collection, complete the 130 art pieces of Korean Modern Art to be introduced to the west through this exhibition.

Chae Yong-shin, Emperor Gojong’s portrait, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea | NEWSIS

This exhibition is co-hosted with LA County Museum (LACMA), the first special exhibition to be held in a western country with the theme of Korea’s modern period from 1897 to 1965. The show will run until February 19 next year.

During this exhibition period, the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles will also hold an exhibition of Korean modern films with LACMA as an additional program to generate interest and enthusiasm for Korean culture further.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) | Wikipedia

Michael Govan, CEO of LACMA and Director Wallis Annenberg, said, “This exhibition sheds light on a period of tremendous change in Korean art history and shows how artists came to walk on a new creative path through contact and exchange with other cultures.”

The exhibition was promoted as part of The Hyundai Project: A Study on Korean Art History, a partnership program between LA County Museum and Hyundai Motor Company.


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