Here’s Why BTS’s RM Was “A Bit Late” For His Birthday, And How He Celebrated It 

He turned 27 this year.

On September 12th, BTS‘s RM turned another year older as fans around the world celebrated his special day.


ARMY launched large-scale birthday projects, posted fan art, sent birthday wishes, and much more. Traditionally, BTS’s members host a live broadcast on their birthday, but this year RM went live the day after his birthday.

During the broadcast, aptly titled “A Bit Late Happy Birthday,” RM explained why he met up with ARMY on September 13 instead. Since his birthday fell on a Sunday, RM decided not to go live, out of consideration for BTS’s staff. He didn’t want them to have to come in to work on their day off.

| Weverse

There’s something called work-life balance, right?

— RM

Instead, RM spent his birthday “Namjooning,” aka doing his favorite activities. This included sharing a meal with his family, hiking, and listening to music. In this sense, RM’s 27th birthday was much different than many of his past birthdays.

I don’t think of my birthday as much ’cause I’ve been working for the whole of my birthday I think, I think I was in studio, I don’t know, somewhere else, shooting, making music or something, but you know, because of COVID, I think this birthday and last birthday are the first birthdays after the 20s that I could really celebrate for myself and have some time with family, friends, and you know, see all the messages, not just for the work.

— RM

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