BTS’s RM Accidentally Starts A Hashtag Prank, #BockBockBTS…Or Did He?

Who is the true mastermind?

If you woke up today to find chickens flapping all over your timeline, you’re not alone!

A new trending hashtag, #BockBockBTS, is taking over Twitter one clucky caption at a time. Some ARMYs are in on the joke, while others are wondering what is happening and who is responsible for this nonsense.

BTS’s Jimin edits.

The hashtag #BockBockBTS took off after RM shared a set of concert photos from PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS on Instagram.

RM captioned the post with two chicken emojis, but is he to blame for ARMYs flying the coop?

After seeing the hashtag and all its memes, some fans thought @bock_twt, a parody BTS x Chickens account for BTS, might be the true mastermind…

…and it looks like they’re right!

What an egg-cellent idea! Check out more #BockBockBTS tweets, and have fun writing your own!