“Meet Who?” Trends Worldwide After BTS’s RM Is Revealed As The Inspiration For The Newest Character In Author Graci Kim’s Book

It isn’t the first BTS reference the Korean-Kiwi author has used…

When it comes to the members of BTS, their popularity has become so well-known worldwide that it has become common for global outlets to use the group as motivation, whether it’s television, art, or books.

Recently, it seems as if one member has become a true muse for a book all because the author is an ARMY… and it is leader RM.

BTS’s RM | Naver x Dispatch

Since debuting, the idol has not only gained attention for his dazzling visuals and talent but the fact that his leadership skills have allowed BTS to thrive both in Korea and globally.

Unsurprisingly, it has meant that he’s at the top of many people’s bias list, including author Graci Kim. Graci Kim is a Korean-Kiwi diplomat who recently tried her hand at writing and has released a series of books since 2021, and has just released her latest title The Last Fallen Moon.

Author Graci Kim and her new book | @gracikim/Twitter

Yet, just because she is new to the game doesn’t mean she hasn’t made an impact. In particular, a tweet from fellow author and creator of the Percy Jackson series Rick Riordan recently promoted the new book on his Twitter. Yet, it was the character introduced in the book that caught ARMYs’ attention… because it was a dragon called Namjoon.

As soon as the tweet was sent, the phrase “Meet Who” started trending…was ARMYs wanted to know all about this newest character that had to be related to RM, whose real name is Kim Namjoon.

Of course, it could’ve just been a coincidence. Luckily, author Graci Kim was on hand to confirm that it was RM-inspired because of the beautiful shape of RM’s eyes which can resemble a dragon.

In a reply to the tweet, the author showcased her love for the idol and explained that he was the inspiration, adding, “I heart him so much he made his way into my books. I hope you like them too!”

When it was confirmed, ARMYs moved to the author’s tweet to share their love and appreciation for incorporating RM into her book.

On a website describing the character, Namjoon is “Another adorable pup, straight from the Spiritrealm, is here to melt our hearts.” Luckily, despite the usual characteristics of the imugi, Namjoon is just as soft-hearted as BTS’s leader.

However, Namjoon has been trained to be a vegetarian. So, no need to worry about this cute little guy eating your face. Unless, of course, he somehow escapes the petting zoo and reverts to his natural state. But there’s no way that would ever happen.

One talented ARMY even found a picture that seemed to perfectly show the resemblance between the characters, emphasizing the color and RM’s beautiful eyes.

| @mikrokosmosland/Twitter

Yet, it isn’t the first time the author has showcased her love for BTS and incorporated the members into her books. Throughout the book series, Graci Kim has showcased her ARMY status and in a recent interview, shared that the references go all the way back to the first book.

Sitting down with The Spinoff, Graci Kim revealed one scene from The Last Fallen Star where she got to incorporate BTS. In one of the scenes, the characters are in a karaoke bar where they have to chant the BTS song “Fake Love” to break a “glamour.” The author even joked, “Yeah. Can we avoid BTS? No.”

BTS “Fake Love” mv | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 

If the concept of “glamour” is confusing as you haven’t read the book, the author explains that it is all to do with the Gumiho characters who often appear in East Asia folktales and legends of Korea.

Graci Kim has shared on several occasions that due to the characteristics of gumiho, she based them on the members of BTS… except one. Of course, considering RM is her bias, he was not used as inspiration.

Yet, it isn’t for any negative reason. On GoodReads, the author explained that RM wasn’t used as a gumiho because she thought his personality worked better elsewhere in her universe.

And the reason is because Namjoon is a total Samjogo (also common in East Asian mythology). Their clan motto is ‘Leadership and Wisdom’, and if that’s not Namjoon, I don’t know what is.

— Graci Kim

As expected, BTS’s popularity and influence on people has become something that everyone is willing to shout from the rooftops. With the number of ARMYs increasing, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more references to the members in books in the future.

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Source: @gracikim, The Spinoff and ReadRiordan