BTS “Butter” Songwriter Jenna Andrews Praises RM’s “World Class Production Talent”

She had so much to say about RM’s amazing skills as an artist and songwriter!

In a new interview with Genius, “Butter” co-writer Jenna Andrews couldn’t stop gushing over how impressive BTS RM‘s music production talents are.

BTS’s latest Billboard no.1 hit “Butter” is the brainchild of several songwriters, including the group’s leader RM and a Canadian songwriter named Jenna Andrews. When Genius asked Andrews was it was like to collaborate with RM, she had nothing but praise for the self-producing star.

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RM really doesn’t get enough credit for his world-class executive production talent,” Andrews began. She went on to share that many non-fans have no idea just how much influence he’s had in making BTS the group it is today, working behind the scenes to guide their sound all while working as a performer himself. Even when BTS receives demo pitches, Andrews says they’re not “really finished” until the rap sections have been tailored to fit perfectly with the BTS vision.

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But, Andrews continued, it’s not just BTS’s sound that’s been helmed by RM—it’s “music and pop culture at the highest levels.” According to the songwriter, every musical decision RM makes (most of which aren’t even publicly known) goes on to impact the wider entertainment sphere.

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Jenna Andrews also went on to point out RM’s main strengths, including his ability to bring out the best in his fellow members and his inclusion of multiple languages and cultures when it comes to songwriting. In her view, RM has a “superhuman level of professionalism and talent“—something ARMYs can definitely agree with.


He’s so humble when speaking on his contributions too.

— Jenna Andrews

Of course, as fans know, producing isn’t all that RM excels at. Andrews went on to gush over his skills as an artist too, including the “incredible” character in his voice and his “identifiable tone” that always stands out. As a vocal producer herself, she revealed that RM’s voice is one that would “make any vocal producer happy.”

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Answering Genius’s question more directly, Jenna Andrews shared that RM’s song lyrics and arrangement changes shaped the demo’s theme and performance potential into what the co-writers had originally hoped for. She also revealed one part of the song that was all BTS’s idea—the “cherry-on-top” outro rap, which Andrews says made a world of difference to the end track.

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BTS made ‘Butter’ everything I thought it could be when I first heard Stephen’s melody and more.

­— Jenna Andrews


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