BTS RM’s Recent Confusing AF Instagram Post Has Netizens Wondering What The Idol Is Flexing

Whatever the meaning behind the post, it’s truly sexy AF!

Since BTS created their Instagram accounts, it has become the perfect place to update ARMYs with events going on in their lives, whether it’s schedules, purchases, or how they hang out.

RM‘s recent flex has gained attention for more than one reason.


Considering RM’s hard work over the years, it’s not surprising that the idol likes to use Instagram to share moments of his life.

| @rkive/Instagram
| @rkive/Instagram
| @rkive/Instagram

Well, it seems like RM has once again flexed the latest purchase in his Instagram post, and it has ARMYs both impressed and intrigued.

On April 13, RM posted a mysterious photo that initially seemed to confuse people. While it was obvious that the item in the photo was probably an accessory of some kind, many netizens weren’t sure about exactly what it was.

RM’s new Instagram photo | @rkive/Instagram

Of course, netizens were quick to search the internet and find the brand of the exclusive accessory RM had posted.

ARMYs quickly realized that it was a designer watch from the brand Cartier called Tank Basculante, which is a watch that can stand upright like a table clock. While there are many different styles, one fan believed it was the steel version that can go for over $10,000 USD. 

The alleged watch from Cartier seen in RM’s Instagram photo | Cartier

Not only did the price shock fans, but whenever someone searched for the brand, it was seemingly sold out in various places. Whether it was due to RM’s post or the exclusiveness of the watch, it is still a major flex for the idol.

After noticing the brand and cost of the watch RM had posted, netizens couldn’t hide how shocked they were at the item.

Yet, while many couldn’t get over RM flexing his watch, others thought it might actually be teasing a future project. In particular, they thought it might link to a future project with American artist Pharrell Williams.

Pharrell Williams | GQ

Over the years, RM and Pharrell have had the cutest interactions, whether it was their interviews, teasing new music with the two, or the iconic photoshoot.

RM and Pharrell Williams | Rolling Stone

When fans saw the photo, while some thought about RM’s flex, others thought it was teasing a project between the two. In particular, they showed the links between RM, Pharrell, and watches.

While there is no confirmation whether RM was flexing a purchase or teasing something big, it’s clear how impressive the watch is.