Why BTS’s RM Partially Deleted His Spain Instagram Post

He had a good reason.

BTS‘s RM deleted part of his Instagram post, but he had a good reason.


RM recently traveled internationally for 2023 Milan Fashion Week.

While abroad, he decided to take a break and enjoy time with his family. So, RM then traveled to Barcelona, Spain. Afterward, he shared some moments from his trip on Instagram with a series of three posts.

An eagle-eyed ARMY noticed that RM actually deleted one photo from the “cortado” post, as seen above. There are nine images included now, rather than ten.

RM deleted this handsome selfie, and you might be wondering why. He actually has a very good reason for it. In the bottom lefthand corner, a license plate was visible. While license plates are in public view, it’s still always best to either not post a picture where it’s visible or blur it, as we have done below, so it’s illegible. People can use license plates to search for information about the owner, which is an invasion of privacy.

Edited and censored version of RM’s deleted photo | @rkive/Instagram

Since RM has probably left that area by now, so he would unlikely be affected, it’s still thoughtful of him to recognize that the owner could be. He himself had his privacy invaded by a KORAIL employee. Read more below.

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