BTS RM Just Came Out Of Surgery, Currently At Home Recovering

He’s now recovering.

BigHit Entertainment has confirmed that RM received surgery on his nose on February 5, due to a deviated septum.

“It is true that he underwent surgery. He recently had the procedure and has been discharged from the hospital. For the time being, he plans on resting and focusing on restoring his health.”

A deviated septum is a condition that affects the nose, where the bone and cartilage that divide the nose is crooked which might cause breathing problems. Other common symptoms include nasal congestion, nosebleeds, headaches and sleep apnea.

It’s estimated that about 80% of people actually have some sort of misalignment but it’s not major enough to create an issue and require treatment.

The surgery is simple, only requiring the surgeon to make a small incision and remove any excess bone or cartilage to make breathing easier. In some cases, people combine getting a nose job with septoplasty (surgery for deviated septum) in order to improve the appearance of the nose.


Source: SBS and WebMD