BTS’s RM Dodged A Question About Dating With Both Sass And Class

BTS’s leader got a little cheeky in this new interview.

RM‘s answer to the “are you dating?” question on USA radio might be his best one yet.

As some of the world’s most eligible bachelors, interviewers are curious about BTS’s romantic relationships. In the past, RM has smoothly explained that BTS are too busy with their careers to date. Most people who have seen BTS’s insanely packed schedule would agree.

On May 22, 2019, BTS went live OnAir with Ryan Seacrest to discuss their music, tour, and (you guessed it) love life.

When asked “What about dating? Are you guys dating?”, RM paused then jokingly said, “the connection is not very good”. 

The show’s hosts mentioned FaceTime as a way to date long distance, but RM brushed this off too by saying “we [the members] FaceTime each other”.  Could there be a more perfect answer?