BTS’s RM Reportedly Donated 100 Million Won To A School That Teaches Music To Deaf Students

He left a special message to the students.

BTS‘s RM has reportedly donated a large sum of money to a school that teaches music to students with hearing impairments. He donated a total of 100 million won, which is about ~$85,000 USD.

According to the Special Education for the Hearing Impaired Department at the Seoul Samsung School, RM donated the money for his birthday.


Instead of using the money to celebrate his birthday, he donated it so that teens with hearing disabilities can also enjoy music alongside him.

We received the donation with a message from RM, where he claimed that he’d like students with hearing disabilities to be able to enjoy music through various methods.

We plan to use this donation to increase our music education and arts performance events for the students with hearing impairments.

— Seoul Samsung School


The principal made a statement where he vowed to use RM’s donation to make sure that their 120 students will be able to gain confidence by learning more about music and the joy that comes along with it.

We will support various music events so that our deaf students can feel joy through music and gain confidence in society.

— Seoul Samsung School Principal

Source: Yeonhap News