BTS’s RM Donates 100 Million Won To The National Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art For His Birthday

He hopes to spread the culture of art and reading.

BTS’s RM has continued to spread a positive influence by donating on his birthday.

According to the National Museum of Modern And Contemporary Art, “RM has made a donation of a 100 million won ($~84,200 USD) with the intention of spreading the culture of reading ‘beautiful art books’.”

This generous donation was made for his birthday focuses on books by the National Museum of Modern And Contemporary Art that is hard to find or need to be republished. These published books will be donated to 400 public libraries nationwide and elementary, middle, and high school libraries that are located in island-mountain areas.

The books to be published will consist of eight books per set and will print 4,000 copies to be sent out. It will also be sold at the MMCA book store available for anyone to purchase starting next month.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

The director Yoon Bum Mo commented, “I am happy and surprised by RM’s wish to share his hope that children will be able to easily access art.”

He continued, “RM, who continues to visit museums regardless of his busy schedule, has been a positive influence in spreading the interest of art. We will continue to work hard in order to spread the culture of reading as well.”

Source: tenasia


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