BTS RM To Participate In Drunken Tiger’s 20th Anniversary Album

It’s being released real soon!

BTS’ leader, RM, will reportedly be participating in Drunken Tiger’s last album.


Despite BTS’ busy tour schedule, RM has apparently been keeping in touch with Tiger JK, sharing the music they’ve been working on. He has previously stated in numerous interviews that Tiger JK was someone he’s looked up to since he was a child.

“I grew up watching Tiger JK. I am a fan who succeeded.” ㅡ RM


In fact, this is not the first time RM worked with the legendary hip-hop artist. RM had previously been featured in 2015’s “Wondaland” by MFBTY, a group formed by Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy.


With the upcoming collaboration, it will be RM’s second time working with the veteran rapper and as Drunken Tiger’s last album, the significance is even greater.


RM has been making some significant achievements of his own with his solo mixtape “Mono”, having reached No. 26 on the Billboard 200 in the first week. He is the first Korean solo artist to do so and considering that the achievement was a result of digital albums, this only proves RM’s worldwide popularity.


Meanwhile, Drunken Tiger’s 10th album is set to be released on November 14 and the group plans to begin their 20th-anniversary project from thereon. They have stated that the album was created for Drunken Tiger’s fans as a memorabilia for their past work.

“The last album is an album specially made for Drunken Tiger’s fans. Numerous musicians and staff from the domestic hip-hop scene have participated [in the album].” ㅡ Drunken Tiger



Source: Ilgan Sports