RM Reacts To Hearing BTS’s “Dynamite” In The Last Place You Might Expect

Who saw this coming?

On the radio, on TV, in shopping malls: in 2021, BTS‘s music is everywhere. Even so, their songs still make surprising cameos now and then.


BTS’s smash-hit “Dynamite” recently popped up in Netflix‘s Emily in Paris, a comedy-drama about Emily, an American woman who joins a French marketing firm in Paris. Season 2 of the show premiered on December 22.

At the end of Season 1, Emily’s friend Mindy (Ashley Park) landed a job emceeing at a drag bar. Here, in Season 2 – Episode 1, she performed “Dynamite” to an adoring audience.

Ashley Park | Netflix

Little did Mindy know that BTS’s RM would be watching from home!

RM, who is now back in Korea, shared this clip on Instagram. In his story, RM can be heard giggling and joining in the performance. He added the “Ha!” at the end of Jungkook‘s line, “Ice tea and a game of ping pong.”

Unsurprisingly, “HIS GIGGLES,” “Namjoon,” and related topics quickly began trending on Twitter. Quarantine life can be boring, but fans are happy to see RM enjoying his!

Watch the performance here: