Here’s Why BTS’s RM Has The Best English Pronunciation, According To K-Pop English Teachers

When compared to other idols who have never lived abroad, RM comes out on top!

It isn’t just fans who are impressed by BTS‘s RM for his English fluency but also professional English teachers!

Heo Woo Seong, the CEO of JIGOOUH, and Dasom, an English teacher in the company, guested on this week’s episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders.” JIGOOUH specializes in foreign language services for idols and entertainment companies, so they definitely know a lot about how difficult it is to speak a foreign language.

Heo Woo Seong (left) and Dasom (right) | @AYO/YouTube

During the episode, they were asked to pick an idol who has the best English pronunciation among those who have never lived abroad. “Excluding idols who lived or studied abroad, which idols have good English pronunciation?

Both of them readily chose BTS’s leader, RM.

Dasom explained what makes RM stand out among everyone else.

When Koreans speak English, you can tell if they’re Korean or not from their emotions, but he perfectly understands those emotional parts and speaks English.

— Dasom

Even in her line of job where she’s exposed to many English speakers, RM still managed to shock her. “That really surprised me.

She also praised him for not sounding “like an old man” after studying English by watching American sitcom Friends.

People who learned English watching Friends use old people’s buzz words, so they sound like middle aged men and women. RM studied so hard that he doesn’t sound like an old man.

— Dasom

As expected, RM’s English skills are truly no joke!

Learn more about K-Pop idols learning English in the full video below.

Source: AYO