BTS’s RM Explains How Their New Album Title Track “Life Goes On” Is Different From “Dynamite”

They have their similarities and differences.

On November 20, BTS held their Global Press Conference before the release of their album BE.

They discussed the meaning behind their songs, their experience with working on the album behind the scenes, and why they included a skit for the first time in three years.

BTS was also asked to explain their title track “Life Goes On” in more detail. Leader RM took up the helm and described the meaning behind it.

Track 1 is ‘Life Goes On’ and it’s the main track of this album. And as you can guess from the title, this song carries the message that we really wanted to share with this album. And that’s how ‘No matter what, life goes on’. That’s the theme of the song.

— RM

The members worked on Track 1 even before conceptualizing their August hit, “Dynamite”.

And we’ve mentioned before that we started working on this song even before we started working on ‘Dynamite’.

— RM

Despite this, they chose to release “Dynamite” first to match the summer season. A track that was fun and cool was preferable to brighten up the atmosphere.

As BTS, we really try to think about what message we want to share with our listener. So with ‘Dynamite’, we thought it’s perfect for the season. For the summer, we didn’t want to release anything that’s too dark and heavy. We wanted something fun, bright, and disco—something cool that will help us drive away the gloom a little bit.

— RM

The songs may have different tones—one energetic and one melancholic—but they stemmed from the same message of spreading hope.

As for ‘Life Goes On’ though, it’s a different vibe. It may be a bit more serious…but we wanted to try our best with offering calm and comforting consolidation with this song.

— RM

Though the meaning behind “Life Goes On” is nothing new, BTS believed it was important to share it with fans nonetheless. They added their own spin to it with the group’s unique colors.

The idea that life moves on is pretty cliché but it’s an undeniable truth…and we wanted to remind everyone of this in a heartwarming way, in BTS’s colors.

— RM

Check out the music video for “Life Goes On” below!


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