BTS’s RM Expresses That The Members Are The Ones That Make Him A Great Leader

A true leader.

BTS have continued to break barriers and stereotypes with their message through music to the world.

Their constant passion to influence others can be seen through their hard work and efforts as artists. Leader RM has played a prominent role in keeping the team focused on what is important.

When do you feel the most proud as a leader?

There are more times when I wonder what this position is really. This position feels like a badge that says ‘you be the leader’. I sometimes get stuck in the responsibility even though it’s not really anything.

⁠— RM

I try to take responsibility as the leader alone and can’t enjoy many things. To be honest, there aren’t really that many times that I feel proud of being a leader. This position of leader was not made to feel things like that. If you ask me when was a time that I felt proud it is when the members say, “still Namjoon really worked hard for us.”

⁠— RM

Truthfully, I’m not suffering because I am the leader. There are some parts that may be a bit difficult and annoying, but because the members admit and acknowledge those parts, it gives me a reason and purpose of being the leader. The members think of me more than what I have done and that’s enough for me.

⁠— RM

 How is that you are so good at speaking?

Thank you. As the leader I have a lot of opportunities to speak on behalf of the team. I always keep a lot of things on my mind and think about them a lot because if I speak well, it helps improve the quality of our team.

⁠— RM

He also agrees that they are very lucky in that they have the opportunity to share their music and message to the world. “People look at us and say we’re lucky. We really are lucky. There isn’t anywhere else that I could have met these six members. They have never missed a schedule and have trusted me when I didn’t trust myself.”

When he thinks about what’s next for them, he believes that they should go as far as they can and finish what they have started.

I have thoughts about ‘where should go next’ and as leader I also think about whether or not we should back down a little now. There are times that I need to bring inspiration to the team. We have already come this far so now we have to make a choice.

⁠— RM

Will be settle or do more? To back down even though there is potential to go further doesn’t seem cool to me. At this point, I think that this is our calling. We have to see how far we can go and open the way. I told my members my thoughts and thankfully they all agreed with me. We don’t know where the end is but we will finish it.

⁠— RM

All in all, we hope that BTS and fans will be able to support each other until the end, spreading positivity and hope to make the world a better place. “We want to be legends. And I think that maybe, we will.”


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