Face Analyst Claims BTS’s RM Was Destined For Tremendous Success That He Would Even Do Well As BigHit’s CEO

CEO Kim Namjoon is coming!

Mnet‘s TMI News ranked the faces of male idols to see who had the “best” face that brings in all the luck and fortune! And BTS‘s RM was the ultimate winner as he topped the list with his handsome face!


The analyst first explained that RM would have been successful no matter what industry he chose because it was destined by his facial features.

Eyebrow bone usually form a straight line, but RM’s forms a curved line. People with this feature tend to end up making their name known in their industry.

And his success would run for a long time because he also has fat around his eyes.

He has the face that was destined to be successful even if he chose a different industry than being a celebrity. He would have done well in business too. His cheekbones and nose has the features that bring in a lot of money.

— Face Analyst


She also claimed that he was destined to be successful and respected as a leader even if he was born in a different era!

He has two birthmarks at the top of his eye. They’re parallel to each other and are located at the end of his eye.

If he lived in the olden days, he could have risen to the rank of an earl. He would have been successful and well respected.

His forehead makes a rounded M shape, which means he has a clear distinction on what he likes and dislikes. That makes him able to lead a group very well.

— Face Analyst


She also noted how his dimples, which indicate “attraction and getting loved“, means “he was destined to be popular.” And with round ears, he would do well in foreign affairs!


The face analyst concluded by stating that with a face like RM’s, he could even run BigHit Entertainment and it would be a complete success!

If I had to guess the height of his possibilities, I would say that he would do well even as the CEO of BigHit Entertainment.

— Face Analyst


Will there be a CEO Kim Namjoon in the future? Nothing’s for certain except the fact that RM is perfect in every single sense!

Source: My Daily