BTS’s RM Reveals His Feelings About Performing At The GRAMMYs And Not Winning

“I’m Korean, so I’m no stranger to finding joy in accomplishment.”

This year, BTS made history by becoming the first Korean act to receive a GRAMMY nomination and the first Korean act to perform at the GRAMMYs! For the 2021 GRAMMY Awards, BTS’s song “Dynamite” was nominated for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.” And, ARMYs around the world were devastated when BTS didn’t win. The members themselves attempted to remain positive and were encouraged by ARMY.


Recently, in the special KBS talk show, Let’s BTS, BTS’s leader RM shared some of his thoughts about the GRAMMYs and how the group has attempted to view it all positively.

But this is how we rationalized it. They have a lot of different Grammy trophies, but only 20 teams get to have their own performance, so getting our own performance was better (laughs). So, that’s how we accepted it.

— RM

He actually thought that perhaps it was too soon to win since it was their first time to be nominated, although we see how hard and well-deserved the group is. Despite this, RM feels that they left a lasting impression on the Recording Academy with their performance.

We were reaching too far for our first time. At least we got to perform. After all, the Recording Academy votes on who wins a Grammy. We got to leave an impression with that stage, so the Academy should know more about us now.

— RM


Now, in a new interview with Weverse Magazine, RM revealed additional feelings regarding the GRAMMYs that he hadn’t shared previously. He said that it actually helped the group add one more accomplishment under their belt and realize there’s still more to achieve in the future.

I was really happy that we added one more thing to our list of accomplishments. I think our team really needed the work itself. It made me realize we still have things left to achieve.

— RM

BTS at the 2021 Grammy Awards. | RIAA

He also approached everything with a heart of gratitude as he recognized ARMYs’ contributions. In the end, he felt happy about what they had been able to achieve thus far.

And I want to thank ARMY above all others for making all of this possible. I’m Korean, so I’m no stranger to finding joy in accomplishment. (laughs) It was really satisfying and nice.

— RM

BTS’s RM | Weverse Magazine

Lastly, RM displayed great maturity as he shared his true thoughts regarding the loss of the award. Although it definitely would have been nice to win a new award, RM realized that, in the end, not much changes after a win.

It would’ve been better if we got a Grammy, but so what if we didn’t? In the end, getting it means you have one more trophy at home, and after that your daily routine repeats.

— RM

BTS’s J-Hope at the trophy room at HYBE INSIGHT | @BTS_twt/Twitter

RM’s responses regarding their performance and loss at the GRAMMYs just again show how great of a leader he is!

Watch BTS’s performance of “Dynamite” at the GRAMMYs below:

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